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✔ Antarctic Gold

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✔ NFT Postage Stamps

✔ Amazon Botany Lab

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✔ Eternal Chemicals Project

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Sustainable Biomass and Biofuel Production

We Help Pre-Startups

See our projects. Our organization specializes in incubating startups and helping commercialize new ideas.

If you have an innovative, compelling and feasible idea, you can turn to our organization.
We can provide support in developing the idea, finding investors and marketing the product. You can also enjoy additional benefits such as access to specialized resources and knowledge and the opportunity to collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs.

Antarctic Token Project

Antarctic Token is transparent and global and aim to make a real difference  in the fight to combat climate change


Antarctic Gold is an intelligent way to store value, diversify your wealth,invest in gold and speculate in numismatics


Carbon Credit Market Project: The voluntary carbon credit market could be the fastest growing in the next 30 years.

Nft Project

NFT postage stamps: it is  a numismatic series of postage stamps, that are susceptible to revaluation over time

Botany Lab Project

Amazon Botany Lab: There are 2100 hectares of Amazon rainforest available for medicinal plants of the Amazon

Antarctica the largest freshwater reserve on the planet

Become a citizen of Antarctica for free: as a citizen  you can be a voice for the consequences of global warming

Submit your project

Submit your Project: do you have a compelling and viable innovation that you want to launch in the market?

Progetto chimica eterna

Eternal Chemicals Project: A group of scientists has found a way to break down some of the so-called eternal chemicals.

Fog Catcher project

Fog catcher: Fog catchers can be the solution to water access that is a serious problem in many regions of the world 

Sustainable Biomass and Biofuel Production

 Sustainable Biomass and Biofuel Production: transforms algae into advanced biofuels like biodiesel