Principality of Canisteo

Canisteo Principality

The Principality of Canisteo occupies the homonymous peninsula, with an area of 1,500 Km2, completely covered in ice, located on the Eights coast, on Ellsworth Land, in the Antarctic. Principality of Canisteo is ruled by H.H. Romolo Tilocca. The principality of Canisteo joins the ALO
If we make assumptions about how greenhouse gas emissions are likely to change, we can use climate models to predict how Antarctic climate may respond over the coming century. Models predict a warming of a few degrees Celsius over much of continental Antarctica. However, as mean temperatures over most of the continent are well below freezing, even this warming will not greatly increase loss of ice from the continent through melting. Indeed, increases in snowfall resulting from a warmer atmosphere (which can hold more water vapor) may thicken the Antarctic ice sheets.
Warming is also predicted in and over the oceans surrounding Antarctica. As a result, sea ice cover may decline by around 25% (although there are considerable uncertainties associated with this prediction). 

Canisteo Station in Project