Submit your project for evaluation

Submit your project for evaluation

Do you have a compelling and viable innovation that you want to quickly launch in the market? ALO Global Projects can help!


We see many innovations not making it from the business idea phase to the presentation and structuring as a startup. Why? Because before reaching the startup stage, the idea must be elaborated on and defined. You need to carry out preliminary research and create a solid business plan as well as an appropriate legal structure. This is often an overwhelming hurdle for thousands of young people with brilliant ideas.


How We Help

We support pre-startups and entrepreneurial initiatives with environmentally sound and sustainable projects through partnerships, participation, and funding. With this support, the selected projects can move from business ideas to practical realization with the launch of the product/service on the market.


Projects We Support

Our scope of interest focuses on, but is not limited to, ideas, projects, studies, research, inventions, and patents in the following fields:

  • Water resource management
  • Waste handling for recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Clean energy generation
  • Ecological agriculture
  • Conservation and maintenance of the environment
  • Conception, design, and study of new materials for construction in extreme climates
  • Projects aimed at reducing the impact on the environment

Submit your project idea today. It is 100% confidential and we will not publish anything without an agreement with you. Let’s work together to save our planet from becoming the victim of an ecological tragedy.

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