Principality of West Antarctic

The Principality of West Antarctic is located on the Antarctic peninsula, in the Alexander I Island and the adjacent archipelago. This is the historical and inalienable possession of the House of Gottlieb, which exercised Jus Excludendi. The Principality was established in 1821 by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, who discovered the Antarctic Continent.

The Principality of West Antarctic joins the ALO. The current Head of the House is H.H. Prince Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, Regent Emeritus of Antarcticland and former Grand Master of the Ice Knights.

H.H. Prince Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb is an international lawyer and rules the Principality since 2005. At present, he is the General Secretary of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN). He abdicated as Regent of Antarcticland in 2011.

Principality of West Antarctic base