Principality of King

Principality of King

The Principality of King is a peninsula of 200 Km2, facing New Malta. It has a Governor and is administered by H.H. Prince Cesare Fussone. The Principality of King joins the ALO.

The Antarctic region is an important regulator of global climate. The Southern Ocean is a significant sink for both heat and carbon dioxide, acting as a buffer against human-induced climate change. The sea ice that forms around the continent each winter controls the exchange of energy between the Sun and the Earth and acts as a partition between the
atmosphere and the ocean.

As sea ice forms, the brine rejected from the ice increases the density of the upper ocean. These waters then sink and form the deep ocean currents that carry heat around the globe. Changes in global climate can have an impact on the Antarctic environment. 

Recent climate change has caused significant changes in the physical and living environment of the Antarctic.

The future of the world is in our hands, citizens of a globalized word, but divided by new walls which are lifted by private interests.

King Lands