Antarctic Gold

Antarctic Gold

Investing in gold coins: the Antarctic Gold

Investing in gold is always a solution in times of crisis and the Antarctic Gold permits you to invest in gold and numismatics.

The Antarctic Gold is an intelligent way to invest in gold and speculate in numismatics. The most valuable precious metal in the world has had oscillations in its price within a complicated scenario of global economics. Nevertheless, the value of an ounce continues to be about 1,790 dollars. How should we invest in gold? The best way is to buy coins, because of the multiple advantages that we obtain.

Historically, gold has been one of the best asset refuge. In times of crisis, whereas cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies lose value, gold maintains or increases its value. The increase of inflation, with record highs in Europe and the United States, has also pushed many investors to put their money in gold coins.

In addition, with gold being an investment product, it is generally exempt from the valued added tax in many countries. Added to this is the fact that gold is accepted in any site in the world.

Every year, the jewelry industry demands up to 60% of the global production of gold. The technology industry uses 10%, central banks protect 10% and the remaining 20% is employed in gold ingots and investment coins.

Why invest in gold coins?

Gold coins for investment, also called gold bullion, are those coined by official mints. These are legal tender in the country that issues them; however, none of them are used as a form of payment, but are produced for investment or for savings. The production of these coins is limited.

The bullion is small and very pure. They are usually 22 or 24 karats. They usually weigh 1 oz. Therefore, they are easy to buy or sell at any moment.

The main advantage of these gold investment coins is that their value can count on international recognition. Among the best known in the world are the Kangaroo, from the Perth Mint; the American Eagle of the United States Mint; the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom and the Krugerrand of the South African Mint.

In 2021, Spain’s Mint coined their first bullion coin, called the Iberian Lynx, which was very well accepted by investors.  And in 2022 the Antarcticland Mint coined the Antarctic Gold. This 1-ounce, 22 karat coin has the attractive design of the letter ‘A’ of our dear Fabian Gottlieb. The coin commemorates the discovery and successive taking possession of the Antarctic by Fabian Gottlieb, the Russian explorer and the Great Maser of the Knights of Ice.

The price of a gold bullion coin is formed by the combination of two parts: the Premium and advertising. Regarding the Premium, this takes the value of the metal composing bullion into account (they are not all gold, silver is also produced). The London Bullion Market Association establishes said value internationally. Meanwhile, the advertising price is formed by the cost of minting the coin, added to its commercialization.

If you have any doubts on how to buy the Antarctic Gold bullion, or if you need advice on how to begin investing in gold, you can consult us.