Issuance of the Antarctic Lands NFT postage stamps

Antarcticlands NFT Postage Stamps

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Antarcticlands NFT Postage Stamps

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What are Antarctic Postage Stamps?

The Antarctic Lands Organization (ALO) is issuing its first series of NFTs symbolized in a numismatic series of postage stamps, related to Antarctica and the Antarctic Principalities. All funds generated will be used to fund eco-sustainable projects.

  • NFTs will be offered for sale in a major international market and will have limited circulation.
  • You can pre-order NFTs at a special price by subscribing to an exclusive whitelist.
  • Our collection has a base price of $12,000 per unique sheet of each NFT postage stamp.
  • The full collection has 5 stamps of Antarctic animals in danger of extinction and 5 commemorative stamps.

Honour the Antarcticlands Territory with NFT Postage Stamps

You must have a MetaMask wallet or similar to be able to make the payment, which will be made through cryptocurrencies. Or contact us by email for different payment systems.

NFT Series Related to Antarctica

In order to raise funds to achieve the objectives of the Antarctic Foundation (see Part I), the ALO will issue a first series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) symbolized in a numismatic series of stamps and coins, related to Antarctica and the Antarctic Principalities. This will allow investors to have coins and stamps of the Principality at their disposal both digitally and to trade (buy and sell) on the market through the appropriate platforms (OpenSea, Rarible, etc.).
The NFTs related to the numismatic series and coins will be offered for sale in a major international market and will have a limited circulation. NFTs will also be available for pre-order at a special price by subscribing to an exclusive white list.
Those interested in buying must have a MetaMask wallet or similar to be able to make the payment, which will be made through cryptocurrencies.
Among the themes of the NFTs will be the preservation of the environment and animals of the Antarctic continent, the history of the Principality and the programs and projects of the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation.

The issuance of the Antarctic Lands NFT postage stamps has been completed and the new stamps are already available on the market. The principalities belonging to the Antarctic Lands Organization do not have postal service. However, the Principality of Antarcticland already once issued a postage stamps to commemorate the bicentenary of the discovery of the Antarctic Lands by Fabian Gottlieb in 1821. The stamp was printed as a limited edition in 2021 and features the portrait of Fabian Gottlieb, the Pater Patriae meaning “Father of the Fatherland” and Grand Master of the Ice Knights.

The postage stamp was limited to only 1000 pieces and is rare to obtain because, due to a printing error in the name, it was promptly recalled. The design errors do not occur during printing, it occurs in an earlier process and affects the entire stamp run. Spelling mistakes, errors in the design do, when some stamps manage to reach the public, become very valuable.

Antarctic postage stamps are officially issued, usually to claim ownership over a certain sector of territory on the Antarctic continent.

The postage stamp, also known as a (postal) stamp, stamp, (postal) seal or (postal) stamp, is actually a proof of prepayment for mailings. In general, it is a small piece of paper whose most usual shape is rectangular or square, which is affixed to an envelope, and which indicates that the person sending the mail paid for the service. Nowadays they are almost not used and the payment of the shipment is certified by a stamping machine.

Release of postage stamps

The postal art often uses this format for its diffusion or commemorations of all kinds. The Antarctic Lands Organization has launched a new collection of NFT postage stamps in a limited edition of 50 each. The stamps are numbered from 01 to 50 and the entire sheet of 50 will be sold, as NFTs, with a blockchain contract that will guarantee ownership. The demand for an NFT is directly proportional to its perceived scarcity and the Antarctic Lands stamps are issued in a single sheet of 50 stamps.

The stamps will be placed in the NFT market and Antarctic Lands is listed as the issuer. The Universal Postal Union stipulates that the name of the issuing country must appear on the stamps in the Latin alphabet. The United Kingdom is exempt from this obligation as it is the first country to issue stamps.

Most Antarctic stamps are issued by Argentina, Chile and New Zealand. However, apart from the countries that maintain claims to part of Antarctica, many others have decided to honor this territory.

Poland issued a series dedicated to the animals living in Antarctica. The Czech Republic also issued a stamp illustrating the geographical map of Antarctica next to the Czech national flag. North Korea, in 1991 issued a stamp consecrating the exploration of Antarctica. There, too, the North Korean flag is present on the sides. Mongolia also decided to issue stamps with Antarctica as their theme. Issued in 1980, they celebrate the local fauna composed of the great skua, the emperor penguin and the Weddell seal. Finally, Hungary issued stamps depicting explorers such as James Cook, the first to circumnavigate Antarctica, or the British Robert Scott.

Collection of NFT postage stamps

In the age of the Internet, with the disappearance of the post office as a service for sending messages, postcards or letters, it seemed novel to us to issue a collection of NFT postage stamps .

The proceeds from the sale of our NFT postage stamps collection will be used to fund other eco-sustainable projects. A non fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic asset that has the ability to be unique and unrepeatable. Its value is given by the market. Our collection has a base price of 10 thousand dollars per unique sheet of each NFT postage stamp. 

The collection is divided into 5 stamps of Antarctic animals in danger of extinction and 5 commemorative stamps. The 5 endangered animals are: the Emperor Penguin, the Antarctic Krill, the Antarctic Blue Whale, the Antarctic Crabeater Seal, the Antarctic Blue Whale and the Antarctic Albatross. While, the 5 commemorative stamps will be dedicated to the bicentenary of Fabian Gottlieb’s second voyage to Antarctica, the bicentenary of the founding of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Ice, Prince Romolo I di Canisteo, the digital Antarctic and the gold Antarctic.

The most expensive postage stamps in the world

If you are new to the philately market, you may have never considered the potential of this market. I leave you below with a brief list of the prices achieved by some stamps and how investing in stamps is recommended for its stability and profitability.  Our NFT postage stamps are now offered at a price of $200 per numbered stamp, have a limited print run, and are clearly susceptible to revaluation over time. They also feature the first-of-its-kind NFT format that guarantees authenticity and allows for online trading. As you can appreciate these are stamps that in themselves contain a high intrinsic value that will be reflected in the quotations. Antarctic NFTs are market forerunners that all collectors and philatelic enthusiasts will want to include in their collection. Solicit your Antarctic NFT postage stamps collection now before it sells out, don’t risk losing what could be one of your best investments!.

British Guyana magenta 1 cent, 1856
Treskilling yellow stamp, 1855

British Guyana magenta 1 cent, 1856

USD 9,480,000

Issuer, Guyana


Treskilling yellow stamp, 1855

USD 2,600,000

Issuer, Sweden


1859 Sicilian error colored stamp

USD 2,600,000

Issuer, Italy


Mauritius postage stamp, 1847

€ 2,400,000

Issuer, Sweden


Stamp “the whole country is red”, 1968

USD 2,000,000

Issuer, China


9 kreuzer banden error stamp of 1851

USD 1,545,000

Issuer, Spain ‘Andorra


10c stamp on 9 dark green candelas of 1897

USD 933,300

Issuer, China


USD 1 large-figure surcharge on 3c red stamp of 1897

USD 878,908

Issuer, China


1857 Tiflis stamp

USD 700,000

Issuer, Russia


Briefmarke Buenos Aires 1p “In ps” tete-beche paar, 1859

USD 575,000

Issuer, Argentina ‘Buenos Aires’.


Abraham Lincoln stamp of 1867 15c

USD 1,400,000

Issuer, United States


1918 Jenny Inverted Stamp

USD 1,350,000

Issuer, United States


24c 1869 Declaration of Independence Inverted Center Stamp, 1869

USD 1,200,000

Issuer, United States


1947 Alexandria “Blue Boy” Stamp

USD 1,800,000

Issuer, United States


3c George Washington stamp of 1867

USD 900,000

Issuer, United States


Benjamin Franklin Stamp of 1868 of 1c

USD 850,000

Issuer, United States


15c 1869 Inverted Colon Landing Stamp of 1869

USD 800,000

Issuer, United States


Pair of 2c 1908 Carmine Vertical Coil Stamps

USD 700,000

Issuer, United States


Pair of 1869 inverted shield, eagle and flags stamp 30c.

USD 600,000

Issuer, United States


The 1851 2-cent Hawaiian missionaries stamp of 1851

USD 600,000

Issuer, United States


Post Office in Antarctica

UK wants to open post office in Antarctica

The United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) wants to open the first post office in Antarctica. UKAHT is looking to hire people willing to spend five months in Antarctica to run the most remote post office on the planet.

The professionals hired will live at the Port Lockroy base on Goudier Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. At this facility, their main task will be to manage the post office and gift store. The Antarctic Lands Organization, which has launched a collection of Antarcticlands postage stamps at NFT this year, applauds the pioneering initiative.

In addition, the team will have to look after the artifacts inside the Bransfield House Museum. Also, they will have to count penguins, thus contributing to the protection of the Gentoo colony. Living conditions are difficult because, in addition to the intense cold, the site has no running water.

Port Lockroy was the first UK base in Antarctica. Since 2006 it has been used as a museum and also as a post office. A maximum of three cruise ships, with up to 500 passengers, can visit Goudier Island each day. In total, each austral summer, approximately 18,000 people pass through the island.

Do you want to be in charge of Antarctica's first post office?

Only part of the island is accessible to tourists who are forced to stay in limited areas. Most of the island is kept closed, in order to protect the penguins.

To apply for post office positions, UKAHT requires applicants to be physically fit, interested in environmental care and have experience in building maintenance and upkeep. In addition, they must be able to work as part of a team.

All job positions there are described as physically and mentally challenging. Therefore, each applicant will have to consult with a physician beforehand to evaluate his or her condition.

Among the positions open for application are base manager, store manager, store sales staff and postal assistant. Anyone in the world can apply for these positions. All that is required is a valid passport.

Those selected receive free room and board. As part of their training, they will spend a week in Cambridge before leaving for Antarctica.