National Anthem of Antarcticland

Who wrote the National Anthem of Antarcticland?

The National Anthem of Antarcticland, the Principality claimed at the United Nations in 2007, was composed by Pietro Toppani the same year

Italian lawyer Pietro Toppani is the composer of the National Anthem of Antarcticland. This prestigious jurist, a graduate of the University of Udine (Italy), has a rich musical family background. His knowledge and interest in fundamental human rights led him to create the lyrics and music of the National Anthem of Antarcticland.

Toppani’s paternal great-grandfather was the Sicilian maestro Salvatore Messina, who became a conductor and composer. Messina worked in renowned classical music venues such as the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. He also became Toscanini’s first replacement at Milan’s La Scala Theater in the early 20th century. Toppani grew up in a musically oriented environment, so it was natural for him to take singing, piano and electric bass lessons from an early age.

In addition to the National Anthem of Antarctica, Pietro Toppani created the orchestral piece “Paradigma”. This work was mixed and mastered by Davide Rizzatti, at Eccentric Studio, in Trieste, Italy. Toppani tried to recreate in the soundtrack of “Paradigm” the difficult times we are living in. The composer portrayed the struggle between two currents of thought. On the one hand, those who defend the localist vision; while the other group defends a globalist vision, where the digitalization of human life takes precedence.

Lyrics National Anthem of Antarcticland

Faraway towards the Pole

there is an ancient land

it is a friendly land

it’s called Antarctica

It’s not a cold land

There beats a great heart

It beats with warmth

For freedom



One nation, one planet

We work for good

Beyond the darkness

Against human egoism

That takes away freedom

To bring hope to everyone

As strong knights

Of basic principles

Beyond all seas

We bring freedom

Against oppression

And the thunder of cannons

We sing: