What can tourist do in Antarctica

What can tourists do in Antarctica?

What can tourists do in Antarctica? The so-called ice continent receives a record number of tourists every year

No visa is required to visit, but what can tourists do in Antarctica? Most tour operators issue a permission from the departing port. Or they request an invitation to one of the research centers of any of the countries that belong to the Antarctic Treaty.

Why are tourists attracted to Antarctica? The climatic conditions are extreme, the ecosystem is fragile, and the trip is long and expensive. Despite all this, Antarctica offers multiple attractions that encourage thousands of people to make a trip to almost the end of the world.

Wildlife is a great incentive for those visiting Antarctica

Antarctica is home to unique species. Tourists can enjoy different types of seabirds such as the petrel and the albatross. There is also the imposing presence of the emperor penguin along with the Weddell seal. Another unmissable moment is to witness how some whales emerge near the boats.

Visiting Amundsen-Scott Base

Most of Antarctica’s inhabitants are scientists. The dense ice cover, the altitude, and dryness of the environment are ideal conditions for conducting physics and astronomy experiments. Among the more than 50 research centers that exist in Antarctica, one of the most noteworthy is the Amundsen-Scott base. Is in the center of Antarctica and about 150 researchers spend the night there every year.

The visit can be expensive, but visitors can photograph the geographic South Pole. On display are the flags of the 12 countries that initially signed the Antarctic Treaty. However, as of today, this Treaty has 29 consultative members, which means that they have the right to vote, while the remaining 25 are “non-consultative members”.

Visit Puerto Paraíso

Puerto Paraíso is one of the most striking places in Antarctica. Icebergs abound there, and it is possible to see gentoo penguins and cormorants. The place is surrounded by mountains, and it is not uncommon to have a sighting of large blocks of ice falling from the glaciers.

Navigating a volcanic crater on Deception Island

The volcanic crater on Deception Island is one of Antarctica’s greatest attractions. Its slopes are covered with snow and ash. Visitors can navigate inside the volcano, and the more intrepid may take a bath there as the geothermal currents are very warm.