West Antarctic citizenship

What are the advantages of getting the citizenship of the Principality of West Antarctic?

West Antarctic proposes a new model of statehood, and obtaining citizenship of the principality of West Antarctic has several advantages.

The Principality of West Antarctica is implementing new ways of dealing with economic, social and political issues and you can apply for citizenship of the Principality.

A primary advantage of the citizens of the Principality of West Antarctic is that they are part of a nation with highly advanced positions. 

The Principality advocates total respect for the care of the environment and the rights of the indigenous populations. In addition, the Regent of the Principality promotes an eco-sustainable development, where commercial and industrial activities are carried out with different countries.

There is growing interest in Antarctica from the tourism industry. As a result, the Principality of West Antarctic is seeking to take advantage of this momentum by reaching out to tourism companies that respect the ecosystem of the jurisdiction.

West Antarctic’s economy will continue to improve

The economic projections for the Principality are favorable, because there is an increase in demand for offshore services, which include blog registrations, newspapers and satellite communications. There has also been an increase in demand for the Principality’s collectibles, such as flags, stamps, coins and other gadgets.

The government of the Principality of West Antarctic has intensified its diplomatic initiative to gain more recognition from the international community. The bilateral agreements to be signed with several countries will contribute to greater protection of foreign investments.

Each citizen of the Principality of West Antarctic may request for FREE an electronic identity card, which is valid for five years. This card functions as the national identity card. It is a plastic card with the same dimensions as traditional credit and/or debit cards