future of the Principality of Canisteo

The past and future of the Principality of Canisteo

The future of the Principality of Canisteo is very close to Prince Romolo’s heart. The Principality of Canisteo is one of the members of the Antarctic Lands Organization (ALO). The Principality occupies the peninsula of the same name and is located on the Eights coast of Ellsworth Land. It has an area of 1,500 square kilometers that is completely covered by ice. It is currently under the administration of H.A. Romolo I, Prince of Canisteo.

Like all ALO member states, this Principality remains politically and militarily neutral. Its territory is protected by decree and its lands are not for sale. It is also restricted to economic activities.

Despite this, His Highness evaluates and approves scientific research and construction development proposals in extreme climatic conditions in order to colonize the principality. The prince seeks to increase relations between the universities of architecture and engineering and his administration.

Architecture and Engineering Award in the Future of the Principality of Canisteo

The objective is to promote the use of new technologies and materials for construction in Antarctica. This is through the contributions of companies and industries in the sector that needs testing of new materials. To do so, the prince plans to establish the “Principality of Canisteo Architecture and Engineering Award”, dedicated to the development of new construction technologies, design and the use of new materials.

Notice of the competition should be published before the end of the year. The contest will be open to architects and students of architecture and engineering from all countries. Interested parties can contact the Principality through the WhatsApp number listed on the page.

Structural, design and interior design projects will be eligible. Such projects must be submitted with the pertinent technical specifications. Detailed technical specifications of the type of material used for each project, as well as its resistance to cold and wind, must be provided. 

Anyone in the world may apply to become a citizen of the Principality of Canisteo free of charge.