The Antarctic Lands Organization ALO

The Antarctic Lands Organization ALO

The Antarctic Lands Organization ALO groups together Principalities and territories included in the 2007 claim of Antarcticland, to the United Nations.

The principalities of Antarcticland, Canisteo, King, New Malta, Thurston, and West Antarctic, on the Antarctic peninsula, which includes Alexander I Island and the adjacent archipelago, the historical and inalienable possession of Prince Gottlieb, regent Emeritus of Antarcticland.

The states pertaining to the ALO are politically and militarily neutral.

Antarcticland is the oldest territorial dominion of the Antarctic, founded in 1821 by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen. It includes land and islands with an area of 1,554,424 Km2, equivalent to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Switzerland together. It also includes the territory of the West Antarctic Principalities.

The Principalities of Antarctic Lands

The Principality of Canisteo occupies the homonymous peninsula, with an area of 1,500 Km2, completely covered in ice, located on the Eights coast, on Ellsworth Land, in the Antarctic.

The Principality of New Malta occupies a surface area of 330 Km2 on Burke’s Island and is the headquarters of the ancient Ice Knights, now reorganized in the Sovereign Order of San Juan of Jerusalem – World Confederation (SOSJJ).

The Principality of King is a peninsula of 200 Km2, facing New Malta; it has a Governor and is administered by the Regents.

The Principality of Thurston occupies the homonymous island of 15,700 Km2. It’s the third-largest island in the Antarctic.

Antarcticland’s history has two key dates: 1821, when Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (also known by his Russian name: Фаддей Фаддеевич Беллинсгаузен) founded the State to defend the Antarctic continent that he discovered, and 2007, when HRH Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb was named by his predecessor HRH Hans Gottlieb, 42nd Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Ice Knights and Regent of the Territory.

Antarctica is not for sale

The Antarctic is the southernmost continent on the Earth and encompasses the lands and seas that surround the South Pole. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, to the south of the Antarctic Polar Circle, it is surrounded by Antarctic seas. With a total surface area of 14 million Km2, it is the fifth-largest continent.

Ninety-eight percent of its territory is completely covered in ice, with an average thickness of 1,600 meters. It is, on average, the coldest place on the Earth and has the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet. Conventionally, the geographic limit is delimited by the so-called Antarctic convergence, the latitude (around 50° S) where the superficial subtropical waters submerge.

The zone comprehended between the 50° and the Antarctic Polar Circle is denominated subantarctic. The Antarctic derives from the Greek Antarktikos (ανταρκτικός), which means “in front of the Arctic”.

The entire territory of the Antarctic Lands Organization ALO is protected by decree. Its lands are NOT FOR SALE, nor are usufructs conceded for payment. The Regency Council has prohibited any economic activity, and only proposals for the development of ecotourism and/or scientific investigation are considered.

Citizenship can be requested free of charge and intergovernmental organizations, the ONGs, and the OSALs can adhere to the Antarctic Lands Organization ALO, as observers. The countries with pending claims on the Antarctic can take part in the ALO, with the right to vote. Their admission must be approved by the Regency Council. The constitution in force is from 2007.