Story of a trip to Antarctica

Story of a trip to Antarctica

Tourism to Antarctica is experiencing a huge boom, a tourist tells of her trip to Antarctica and reveals how it works.

After two years in which it was almost stopped due to the pandemic, a tourist tells about her trip to Antarctica. Experts predict that at least 100,000 tourists will visit the continent this season. What is a trip to Antarctica like? How much does it cost and what can be enjoyed in the coldest place on Earth? An American tourist recounted her adventures on the trip.

How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica?

The experience is not cheap. The cost of a nine-day cruise is more than $5,700 in a two-person shared cabin with twin beds and a bathroom. For those who want a single cabin, the price ranges from $10,000 to $18,000.

The payment includes 3 meals a day, on the cruise, as well as one night in a hotel, prior to the departure of the ship. Guide services and visits in Antarctica are also included. In addition to these expenses, air tickets from the person’s country of origin to Ushuaia, in Argentina or Punta Arenas, in Chile, which are the places from which most cruises depart.

The cruise ships have WiFi service, but it is not cheap either. Half an hour of connection can cost US$20 and for 200 minutes, you have to pay US$100. The ship has a souvenir store. Wine and beer are available at the bars. In addition, cruise ships usually have a gym, swimming pool, spa and Jacuzzi.

What to pack for a trip to Antarctica?

Many believe that to visit such a cold place it is necessary to load your suitcase with thick coats. In reality, this is not the case. It is not advisable to carry a lot of clothes, but it is advisable to carry hand warmers, sunscreen and binoculars. These will allow you to better observe the fauna of Antarctica from afar, since it is not possible to get close to the animals.

Coats and wellington boots are usually included in the price paid by the tourist for the cruise excursion. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring them from home. Inside the cruise, the heating is strong and only closed shoes are allowed. It is advisable to include leggings, jeans, T-shirts and sneakers in your suitcase.

Another thing that should not be missing in your luggage is medication to prevent seasickness. Sometimes bad weather causes a lot of oscillations of the ship and with this comes seasickness. Thanks to medicines such as scopolamine patches and Dramamine, you will avoid nausea.

What to do on the cruise and on land?

Antarctic cruises carry a maximum of 200 people. During the trip to Antarctica, guides on board offer daily explanations about Antarctic wildlife, stories from other expeditions and features of the continent’s tectonic plates.

When the cruise ships arrive in Antarctica, they cannot dock anywhere. The descent to land is by zodiac rubber dinghies. These are in charge of transporting the tourists to the coast. In each zodiac, there is a guide. Once on land, the visitor can walk a little, observe the glaciers and appreciate the wildlife of this remote place.

It is forbidden to touch the ice, except with boots and poles. The measure was taken to prevent the spread of the avian flu that has affected Antarctic birds. Experts fear that this disease will wipe out large penguin populations.

A trip to Antarctica is not cheap; but it is a unique and worthwhile experience at least once.