Presented in Sardinia: "The Boy with the Bitter Smile" book

Presented in Sardinia: “The Boy with the Bitter Smile” book

The book – “The Boy with the Bitter Smile” – narrates the story of Prince Romolo Tilocca amidst dreams and philanthropy

Great success in Sardinia, Italy, for the launch of the book – “The Boy with the Bitter Smile” – (original: “Il ragazzo dal sorriso amaro”). The book tells the story of Prince Romolo Tilocca, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who, after a long career filled with obstacles and successes, now dedicates his energy to being an example for the youth.

So much so that renowned journalist Paolo Brosio did not want to miss the book presentation, which took place recently in the Aula Magna of the University of Sassari.

The autobiographical text, edited by the Camillo Bellieni Institute, narrates the vicissitudes of a young man who, starting from the rocks of the Goceano castle, came to have influence even in the icy lands of Antarctica in the Principality of Canisteo. And despite everything, he still presents himself as an “aspiring entrepreneur,” with a philosophical perspective of someone who has never lost the desire to learn.

Through a fluid and immediate language, without hypocrisies or fictions, the pages recount what life was like in the business world in the second half of the twentieth century. In the preface by Michele Pinna (who supervised the book’s writing in the last months of his life), the fundamental message of the publication is understood: a person becomes what they want to be.

A young man who has surpassed the majority age more than four times

Amidst anecdotes and advice, the author continues to set goals today and wishes to leave future generations the possibility of realizing his dream of an economy and beauty that proposes Goceano as a regenerating holiday formula, projecting it beyond modernity and immersing it in ancient rituals through unmatched horseback excursions in stages.

Romolo I is also an Honorary Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and regent of the Principality of Canisteo in the Antarctic lands.

At the event, sponsored by the University of Sassari and moderated by the president of Is.Be, Maria Doloretta Lai, the magnificent rector Gavino Mariotti was present, expressing his pleasure in hosting the book presentation in a symbolic location of the academic world in Turin.

The commissioner of the Province of Sassari, Pietro Fois, highlighted Tilocca’s strength of character in dealing with both the political and economic aspects. Brosio, on the other hand, affirmed that he recognizes in him a point of reference, even from an emotional and familial standpoint, having been left alone last year after the death of his mother.

The two met during a trip to Medjugorje, and Brosio offered him the opportunity to join the “Le olimpiadi del cuore” foundation, whose aim is to build a small hospital in a fraction of Medjugorje. Prince Romolo I was the first donor for the construction of the facility. The proceeds from the book sales were allocated to the association for which Brosio serves as a reference.

Inspiration for youth

“The Boy with the Bitter Smile” has captivated the audience with its inspiring story and commitment to dreams and philanthropy. Prince Romolo I, through his book, seeks to share his experiences and motivate young people to pursue their goals and keep the passion for learning alive. With simple and sincere language, this book reveals life in the business world of the twentieth century and conveys a powerful message: a person can become what they want to be.

The story of Prince Romolo I is a testimony of resilience and determination, and his desire is to leave an inspiring legacy for future generations.

“The Boy with the Bitter Smile” is not just an autobiographical book, it is an invitation to pursue our dreams, to be an example to others, and to contribute to charitable causes that can make a difference in the world. This work invites us to reflect on the importance of determination, generosity, and love for others.

This book has been received with enthusiasm in Sassari and throughout the island of Sardinia, and it promises to inspire many readers to pursue their own dreams and do good in the world. “The Boy with the Bitter Smile” is a touching story that reminds us that each of us has the power to change lives and leave a positive legacy.