Postage stamps of Antarctica

Postage stamps of Antarctica

Postage stamps of Antarctica can be of significant value for philately lovers

Postage stamps of Antarctica commemorate relevant historical events, atmospheric phenomena, in addition to Antarctica’s flora and fauna. Said issues have been produced, primarily, by countries claiming sovereignty over certain parts of the Antarctic continent.

The Principality of Antarcticland does not have a postal service, but it did issue a stamp to commemorate the bicentennial of the discovery of the Antarctic Lands. The stamp was printed as a limited edition in 2021, and it features the portrait of Fabian Gottlieb, the Pater Patriae meaning “Father of the Country” and Grand Master of the Ice Knights. The postage stamp was limited to only 1000 pieces and is rare to obtain. 

The stamps were issued with an error in the name. Antarticland instead of Antarcticland, so they were withdrawn from the market and the remaining stamps have high value among collectors.

Some of the events that have been remembered by means of postal issues include iconic trips to Antarctica. Among the most famous is the discovery of the continent by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.

One of the other favorite themes of philatelists is the stunning phenomenon of the polar aurora. The luminescence over the Antarctic night sky is a spectacular image.

Native Antarctic animals have been featured on several stamps. For instance, the Yal Austral, a bird that only inhabits Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, has appeared on several issues.

The Antarctic steamer duck stamp

The Gentoo penguin is another peculiar animal that has been featured on several stamps. This species displays a band of white, saddle-shaped feathers, and its black and red beak is unmistakable.

Collectors of Antarctic-themed philately treasure in their collection the issues that featured the Antarctic steamer duck.

This animal lives in Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel. With its dark blue-gray plumage, it is a striking creature. The steamer duck cannot fly, so it moves through rapid flapping.

And in the list of Antarctic animals represented on stamps, we cannot forget the elephant seal, which lives on the sub-Antarctic islands.

The Antarctic postage stamps are produced in an official manner. They are generally intended to claim ownership of a certain area of territory on the Antarctic continent.