Canisteo Government Program Station Project

Government program of the Principality of Canisteo

The 10 key points of the Principality of Canisteo’s government program address the major issues of today’s society

The government program of the Principality of Canisteo centers on 10 key points focusing on peace, ecotourism, individual freedoms, and research. The Principality of Canisteo, which was formerly the landing place of the Knights of Ice, was assigned by the 43rd Grand Master as a resting place for his highest dignitaries. Subsequently, in 2012, he was appointed Governor of the Principality and Lieutenant of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

The Knight, Romolo Tilocca, having worked hard for the independence of the Principality, obtained independence through the award issued in 2014, protocolized by the Court of Naples, Italy. As a result, the 44th Grand Master of Knights and Regent of the State of Antarcticland promoted him to the noble rank of H.H. Prince of Canisteo in 2016.

The Canisteo territory is covered by ice on the Coast of Eight in Ellsworth, Antarctica. The Principality is part of Antarctica and the Antarctic Land Organization (ALO).

The Canisteo Peninsula was one of the landing ports of the Knights of the Ice during their surveillance expeditions. During several aerial overflights in December of 1946, the peninsula was mapped for the first time.

Later, members of the U.S. Geological Survey were able to map the peninsula in greater detail relying on aerial photographs taken between 1960 and 1966 by the U.S. Navy (USN). The Antarctic Naming Advisory Committee named the peninsula after the tanker USS Canisteo.

Prince Romolo’s 10 government priorities

Prince Romolo defined his government’s program priorities as follows:

  • Help preserve peace;
  • Strengthen international security;
  • Promote international cooperation;
  • Develop and consolidate participatory democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Safeguard and guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • Promote research to safeguard global climatic conditions;
  • Promote research for the use of potable water;
  • Increase the present population, such as research workers;
  • Increase international tourism for knowledge of the territory and fauna;
  • Establishment of permanent tourist routes with the use of icebreaker ships.

The government program will be conducted through international relations and will be comprehensively addressed with specific studies. The proposals will be presented to the public through the website. They will subsequently be submitted to the Antarctic Lands Organization and the Antarcticland Government for consideration.

The Principality of Canisteo accepts applications for citizenship from people of all backgrounds, races and religions. Renunciation of citizenship of origin is not required. Only the approval of the 10 key points of the governmental program is required.

Prince Romolo is engaged in infrastructure construction, civil and commercial, and serves as chairman of several professional and charitable bodies.