to work in Antarctica

Argentina seeks engineers and computer scientists to work in Antarctica

The National Antarctic Directorate (DNA) is looking for engineers and computer scientists to work in Antarctica

There is an open call for engineers and computer scientists to work in Antarctica and includes professionals between 22 and 50 years of age. Candidates must be Argentine citizens, by birth or naturalized, with a minimum of two years of residence in the country. All applicants must have a university degree in Electronics or Computer Science or they must be students of either of the two careers. In addition, they can also apply for Electronic Technicians or Technical Minor with Computer or Electronic Orientation. In these cases, they will have to demonstrate at least one year and a half of work experience.

Those selected will be joining teams working on research projects at the Orcadas, Belgrano II, San Martín, Marambio and Carlini bases, all located in Antarctica.

The selected technicians will have various responsibilities at the scientific bases. These include checking the electronic equipment in the laboratories. Their duties will also include transmitting data to different geodesy, seismology and upper atmosphere magnetic monitoring equipment. In addition to all these functions, they will also support other scientific research projects at the bases.

Spend a whole year in Antarctica

According to the director of DNA, Patricia Ortúzar, “this call seeks to recruit a dozen technicians and engineers who are willing to live the experience of spending a whole year in Antarctica. Being a national call, we usually receive applications from all over the country, but, after all, selection stages, only a few remain beyond the number needed to fill the positions”.

“Previously, the applicants for these technical positions have been mostly men, but in recent years we have started to find women applicants who ended up being selected because of the high level they demonstrated in the selection process,” added Ortúzar.

According to the authorities, the selection process will begin with an evaluation of each applicant’s professional résumé. The successful applicants will then take a written technical examination. Those who pass this test will then undergo an interview with a psychologist. Finally, those who make it to this stage will then have to demonstrate that they meet the psychophysical requirements.

Argentinian authorities stated that they will renew the call for applications every year. Psychologists recommend that no professional should spend two consecutive winters in Antarctica. Therefore, during the year 2024, there will also be a similar call for professionals.