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Antarctica is the best place to survive a nuclear war

Where should you hide in the event of a world war? Antarctica is the best place to survive a nuclear war

According to experts, in the event of a Third World War, Antarctica would be the best place to survive a nuclear war. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised fears of a possible World War III, which would be nuclear.

Modern weapons are so powerful that such a potential conflict could eradicate a large part of humanity. It is therefore pertinent to know which the best places are to survive a nuclear war. There are not many nuclear powers and almost all of them are in Eurasia.

Nevertheless, nuclear warheads can travel enormous distances, thus no one will be safe. Back during the Cold War, many people in the United States and former Soviet Union built shelters meant to survive the nuclear apocalypse.

Such shelters have been improved even further today. However, experts recommend that moving someplace else is the most reliable option. The reason is simple: even if you stockpile enough food, you will eventually have to leave the shelter. Since radiation takes decades to disappear, you will ultimately be affected.

There are only 3 places on the planet that would be 100% safe

Researchers have recognized that the Antarctic continent is the place that offers the most possibilities for surviving a nuclear catastrophe. Because of the enormous geographic distance from nuclear countries, Antarctica is a compelling reason to consider it an ideal hiding place. Despite the cold, it is not only possible to escape the radiation, but also to establish your future life there.

An alternative destination for shelter in the event of nuclear war is the southern islands of New Zealand. Their climate is more pleasant than that of Antarctica. The downside, however, is that its geographic extension is not very large. Thus, not many people will be able to live there. Conversely, Antarctica is enormous, with an area of more than 14 million square kilometers.

As a possible refuge, experts suggest considering Easter Island, which belongs to Chile. This Pacific Island also has a friendly ecosystem. Yet it faces the same problem as New Zealand, as it only has an area of 163 square kilometers.

Ideally, nuclear war will never come. But with such dangerous politicians in Moscow and NATO countries, the possibility of an apocalyptic conflict seems all too real. It may be a good option to rent some icebreaker ships and relocate in the Principality of West Antarctic in case of a catastrophe.