Antarctic, the cryptocurrency of the future

Antarctic, the cryptocurrency of the future

There are more than 20K cryptocurrencies worldwide, and one of the most promising is the Antarctic. The cryptocurrency has been launched by the Antarctic Lands Organization for sustainable activities and programs. The Antarctic has been designed to help protect the environment, while promoting the growth of eco-friendly activities. So, let’s learn about the Antarctic, known as the cryptocurrency of the future. Make sure to subscribe for more and watch till the end.

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Launched by the Antarctic Lands Organization, which bring together the principalities and territories included in the Antarcticlands claim at the UN. This organization’s primary goal is to assist and represent the principalities of New Malta, West Antarctic, Canisteo, and more. The states belonging to the Antarctic Lands Organization are militarily and politically neutral, and ALO is responsible for protecting the Antarctic environment.

Why is the ALO created?

On the bicentennial of Antarctica’s discovery in 2021, the Antarctic Lands Organization was formed to promote the participating countries’ foreign and environmental policies on a global scale. The Antarctic Lands Organization (ALO) is a United Unrepresented Nations (UUN) member. The ALO will promote Antarctic AAL Token, which will have the characteristics of a decentralized cryptocurrency.

The ALO Global Project’s supporters are adamant that society needs to be better informed and sensitized about how the world is changing, and how consumption habits and lifestyles need to change accordingly. As a result, new projects in this area should promote a greener and more respectful use of the environment and energy for the benefit of people and consumers.

Foundation AAL

The Antarctic AAL Foundation was established to carry out the following environmental, energy, and social objectives and programs. First, it is widespread and teaches Antarctic history, geography, and ecosystem, promoting the protection of the environment.

Also, it encourages the study of new environments and develops sustainable ecotourism. To use the Antarctic Token for global exchange and developing blockchain technology for daily use. Finally, to increase the study of decentralized economies and promote funding of inventions, techniques, and studies for daily life improvement worldwide.

Antarctic the token of the future

The business model of ALO

The business model makes use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to promote the growth of sustainable green activities and environmental protection. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, and while they may appear to be less energy efficient at times, they are revolutionary technologies.

According to the ALO Global Project, these new technologies offer a promising alternative to traditional tools for raising awareness and financing initiatives that can yield positive and long-term results.

Diversifying their goals and plans will also be critical to their success, allowing them to capitalize on the numerous opportunities presented by the various environmentally related markets. 

The roadmap of ALO

The first phase of the roadmap, defines the team formation, smart contract deployment, business plan and project definition, marketing campaign, social media coverage, and ALO citizenship project launch. The second phase is in the third quarter of 2022 and will include a website launch, airdrop, USDT AAL liquidity pool, etc. 

The third phase will be from the fourth quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023. It will include a round sale, an aggressive marketing campaign, the launch of other ALO projects, etc. The fourth phase is in the second quarter of 2023 and will include the start of AAL quotations, partnerships, ALO promo or advertising initiatives, AAL listing on other exchanges, issue NFT issuance, etc.


The ALO has chosen to use blockchain technology to secure a modern, decentralized, transparent, open, global currency resistant to censorship and manipulation by centralized financial institutions, and non-inflationary.

Although the Antarctic Lands Organization, which represents the Antarctic Principalities and Territories included in the 2007 Antarcticland claim to the United Nations, promotes the Antarctic Token, it is intended to be a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Amazon Botany Lab

The Antarctic Global Project launched the experimental Amazon Botany Lab Project, aiming to create an on-site laboratory to investigate the properties of medicinal plants from Amazon. It is focused on welfare and social improvements.

The second phase, which will coincide with the commercialization of the Antarctic token, will involve locating and acquiring a natural reserve of 2-3 thousand hectares of virgin forest in the Amazon in order to develop the project independently of governments. 

This phase is expected to cost between USD $200,000 and USD 300,000; the third phase will be financing the business plan. The project will be developed in situ in the fourth phase, with the construction of the laboratory and campus. Finally, the fifth phase will be devoted to the development of agreements with researchers and/or universities, as well as the project’s commercialization.

Medicinal Plants of the Amazon project

A project on Amazon medicinal plants can be developed in the Offshore World reserve, which has 2,100 hectares of rainforest.

In the Offshore World reserve, 2100 hectares of Amazon rainforest are available for medicinal plants or a didactic or tourism project. Summer university campuses, research laboratories on Amazonian medicinal plants, ecotourism, and other initiatives will also be possible.

The medicinal plants of the Amazon are particularly diverse. The Amazon is one of the world’s most biodiverse region. With the Antarctic, ALO is negotiating the acquisition of a reserve of 2100 hectares of virgin rainforest. The reserve is located in Labrea, Amazonas, Brazil, and is bounded by two branches of the Labrea River.

This rainforest has many medicinal plants, and the environment is ideal to build an Amazonian medicinal plant research camp.

For centuries, natives have used them to cure or prevent diseases. However, scientists are still researching these plants to develop them into effective and marketable medicines.

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